A Tale Of Beauty And Radiance

Alife is a lifecare brand, from the Fortune Stable. Our long association with Fortune has made us their go-to when it comes to design and marketing. Having already handled their packaging design for soaps and handwash, we were now tasked with creating a campaign that would lead to brand awareness. The problem? Positioning the product in the already competitive market. Here’s how we approached it:
  • Communication based on slight exaggeration.
  • Showcasing spellbinding beauty as the end result of using the product.
  • Using a garden-themed colour palette, that sits at par with the product packaging.
“Khoobsurati ka Jadoo” aptly defines the entire campaign – we showcased beauty in an intriguing format. That’s exactly what happens when you use Alife’s products. Through the use of celebrity endorsement, we created an experience that has etched the brand into consumers’ minds. The TVC in particular, gained a lot of popularity, given the very engaging visual idea of ‘eyes popping’.

A picturesque journey that effectively created brand awareness

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