A short (as well as deep) dive about how to navigate through the advertising waters - including the importance of marketers, and how they play
A comprehensive list of seven podcasts that every writer, be it in advertising or otherwise, should listen to. From podcasters who cover the spectrum of
A strong visual makes for a strong association between the brand and the consumers. And colours play a vital role in determining that association. It's
Marketing is defined by the recall value it holds for your brand. Factors like target audience, brand awareness, and proper communication lead to, dare we

Come to think of it, 8 times out of 10, you remember what you ‘see’ when you think of a brand. And when you can

When Shakespeare said “What’s in a name”, he clearly didn’t live in a world full of materialism and capitalism. Well, we’re here to tell you

In layman’s terms, a website is the face of a company: the first thing that your potential customer sees. And it should be appealing. That

Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand. This marketing wisdom captures an irrefutable truth which cannot be denied by anyone who is

As a designer, you’re always looking for your next inspiration. And what better way to do so than learning from infamous designers’ works on OTT

As the world keeps inclining towards the digital and modern, advertising still remains at the top of the game. While the goal remains the same

Discover How to Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Agency: A Complete Guide to Amplify Your Online Presence!

In 2022, ‘why brands need to be on social media and focus on digital marketing’ is a no-brainer. To answer this simply, the numbers are

Brand Purpose is not Brand Vision Let’s break a myth at the outset. Most people, business owners included, confuse ‘Brand Purpose’ with ‘Brand Vision’. They

If making money is the reason for the existence of your business, you are significantly limiting the potential of your brand. Making money is a



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