An Interesting Take On Diary

Bharat Dairy, a renowned dairy brand based out of Mehsana, Gujarat, wanted to modernise itself while keeping its traditional roots alive. We decided upon the name of Bharat Horns to signify strength and resilience. If you look closely, the logo is a pictorial of a cow, making it all the more unique, this, in turn, created a captivating brand identity.  

The packaging design utilises vibrant colours for their entire range and yet looks like a product family when seen together. Patches of multiple sizes are used to depict the essence of cows in every product.  

The results? Groundbreaking. From teasers to striking ads, hoardings, danglers, vehicle branding, we covered it all. A complete brand overhaul that made an old-school dairy brand into a cool one by giving it a hip makeover. 



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