A Chocolate Craving Satisfied

Cravon is a brand very close to our hearts. From the ground up, we created all branding and marketing collaterals for the chocolate behemoth. With the name, we wanted to come up with something that could be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Something that signifies both the delicious taste and rick texture of chocolate, stuff that you keep craving – Cravon.
The logo was designed keeping in mind the flowing texture that chocolate is usually associated with, dipping into our passion for typography.

Now, we conceptualised a packaging design that looks just as good as it tastes. We used the colour palette of brown for visuals and elements of brown in a swirl texture to create the appeal.

With that, for communication we used “Bhook Gone, Masti On” – a peppy line with a catchy radio jingle, combined with exciting outdoor ads, print ads, website and social media marketing. With Cravon, we did what we do best – creatively launched a brand.



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