Pray And Anything Is Possible

With the festive month of Shravan coming up, and all the festivities it brings along, Kalpana wanted to be on top of mind and tasked us with a print and outdoor campaign. The problem? Exceed the award-winning work we did in 2018.  Here’s how we approached it:
  • Wordplay with ‘Kalpana’ to stimulate consumers’ imaginations.
  • Designs with vibrant layouts that would instantly connect faith and our agarbattis. 
Communication that speaks to the core of the festive month, our thought process was to provoke the consumers into taking a deep dive into their consciousness, asking them to have a ‘wish and you will have’ perspective towards life; which turned a lot of heads and caught eyes of many.

An idea with a truly divine appeal


With a focus on the target market of North Gujarat, we leveraged regional language to promote products for this campaign. Their four offerings in particular – Divine Cosmos, Zen Garden, Pure Vibes and Kasturi – were used to convince consumers to buy Kalpana incense sticks with the mainline communication that we developed for the brand: Kalpana turns houses into temples.

This campaign gave us a good brain exercise to stretch and think out-of-the-box, and we did, as is evident. With a bright colour palette that is the right amount of in-your-face, Kalpana created an instant appeal.



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