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Owning the Mukhwas

Bhagat Dana Dal Corporation is the name that invented Dana Dal. They didn’t just stop there, they made four variants of this mouth freshener and under the brand name Premchand and created a market for it. Today they are the undisputed leader of the Mukhwas market.

When they came to us seeking a campaign that would consolidate their position and grow the brand even further, we knew we had our task cut out for us.

Our solution: Transform the brand from a mouth freshener to a mood freshener! Show the brand being consumed in the living room, at picnics and social get-togethers. Make it grow beyond a paan shop product. Also, underline the brand’s leadership position with a tagline.

Outdoors all over town screamed the new message laid out over impactful slice-of-life visuals. Muh Fresh Toh Mood Fresh. And the corporate tagline of Mukhwas ka King dispelled any question marks that the consumer might have had in mind.

Beyond above the line to POP and more.

We didn’t just stop with an outdoor campaign, we took the idea across consumer touch points like Kirana stores and modern retail.
A foot tapping radio jingle on leading stations followed and soon everyone in Ahmedabad knew that Premchand was the King of Mukhwas.



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