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Revolutionizing Crate Management for Dairies

Prompt, a leading dairy tech brand, wanted to launch its end-to-end crate management system – Tracksure. An effective way to handle the day-to-day management of crates by innovatively using embedded tags that allow the dairy keep track of each crate.

Our creative team created a comprehensive communication strategy that encompasses visuals, video and a brochure that explains the entire process in layman’s terms. In the dairy tech world, keeping it simple is of the utmost importance, and that’s what we did – with both the designs and language. We also created engaging social media posts that market the product. We made sure to address the pain points of crate management and how Tracksure effectively resolves them.

Communicaton that both explained the product and captured aspirations

Through communication that is both simple and compelling, we positioned Tracksure as the seamless way to manage dairy crates, from the very start to end. The design was executed in a way to aid in simplifying the understanding of Tracksure.

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