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Capturing The Flavour Of
Cricket Season

Real Bites wanted to get in on the cricket fever by showcasing their delicious offerings as the perfect partner for all the cricket matches during IPL 2023. With the idea of taking over the city, the brand wanted a campaign compelling enough to catch eyes. The problem? Showcasing the brand as the only constant no matter what happens on the pitch. Here’s how we approached it:
  • Communication that portrays Real Bites as their partner in the highs and lows of every cricketing moment.
  • Designs that are vibrant and provide a pleasant break to the eyes.
  • Strategically place the brand in the minds of consumers.
With communication that is both compelling and simple, we successfully created an association between the brand and IPL. Taglines like batting ho ya bowling, jeet ho ya har, and so on, we emphasized the many possibilities that can happen in a cricket match, but there’s always one constant – Real Bites. With strategic billboard placements that become talking points, we delivered an message that lasts well beyond the duration of the campaign.

A match to remember for IPL fans and foodies alike

This campaign won hearts, on and off the pitch. We effectively positioned the brand as the ultimate food partner for all things cricket. Designs so tempting that consumers would want to buy off the products, and communication so appealing it struck a chord in their minds. This project bears a standing ovation as we were able to create a lasting association between the brand and the most-loved sport in India – cricket.



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