Cake Meets Mango.
Tastebuds Go Wow!

The annual mango flavoured cake campaign was an opportunity to project Gujarat’s favourite taste in a sinful and fun format. The best thing about the scorching summer was delicious mango delicacies. And it was our task to promote Real’s Mango Cake again. It was an annual campaign but that didn’t stop us from making it the most delicious thing that consumers would see this summer. Here’s how we approached it:
  • Communication made to make mouths water.
  • Vibrant colours on a plain canvas to give it big impact.
Titled ‘The Great Mango Cake Fest’, with the key message of Mango meets Cake. A visual of mango cheesecake with mango slices on top beautifully captured the whole idea. Our campaign succeeded in leveraging the power of the visual medium to make feet head to Real Bites’ stores.

A vibrant campaign interesting enough to look at and taste

This particular project is close to our hearts because it celebrates local culture by aligning it with the brand’s offerings. By tapping into the widespread love for mangoes during Gujarat summers, we didn’t just offer a delightful experience to consumers but also established an emotional connection.



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