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The Right Kind Of Sweet And Namkeen

Real, an infamous namkeen and snack brand, needed creative packaging to push out their products. A signature brand of Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd., tackling the packaging design for their products was a bit tricky since the product range is vast and they have small packs that go as low as Rs. 5. The problem? Creating the right balance between ‘classy’ and ‘massy’.
Here’s how we approached it:
  • Using vibrant colours that sit right with the product.
  • Usage of food elements in design.
  • Keeping it simple yet attractive.
The packaging was a hit among customers and Real became a leader in Gujarat. The products were available across – from retail outlets to shiftable roadside shacks. By creating a packaging line that resonated with the target audience, we helped make Real a household name.

Bakery products that you didn’t know you needed

It’s a commonly known fact that tackling creatives for bakery products is extremely challenging. Not only is it quite distracting, but it’s a competitive market. With Real, we hold a 14+ years long association, and we followed pretty much along the thought process of Real Namkeen product range – vibrant colours that attract the eyes.

One of the key aspects of bakery packaging design is to make it look pleasing, aspirational and irresistible, without making price conscious customers hesitant. And we created the right balance, and were thrilled to see how customers embraced these products.

What we really enjoy with Real’s bakery offerings is that there’s always something new and fun that brings along the excitement to create. Their outdoor campaign that happens annually – mango cake fest – is now a brand property that has become a launch campaign for their mango cakes.



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