Revamped Spices In Nigeria


Sonia, a popular brand based out of Nigeria, wanted to rebrand itself without alienating its existing customers. It’s a universal fact that ad agencies have to work in different sectors for multiple brands, but with Sonia, the challenge was to create collaterals for another culture.

Sonia has a wide range of products, but their flagship offering is the tomato mix. What acted as a constant obstacle in this project was revamping the entire brand, along with its packaging design while sitting in an entirely different time zone.

For the packaging design, we went with a classic red and green colour palette, balancing the both out to make it product-centric. By playing around with elements of tomato, we were successful in delivering effective brand identity and positioning. For communication, we went with ‘Sonia So New’ – clever wordplay to showcase how the brand is ready for a big leap. 



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