Worry-Free Journey With Vasant

Vasant Masala entrusted us with a campaign that aimed to solve all pain points in a kitchen – quality, health, and price. The competitive market demanded a creative approach that would address all the worries that go into cooking. The problem? Addressing quality and health, while keeping affordability at the forefront, in a way that showcases no compromise on the brand’s end. Here’s how we approached it:
  • Creatives that used colloquial expressions.
  • Rendered in languages.
  • And showcasing the range of products.
With colours reminiscent of the spice world, and clutter-free designs showcasing the product range in larger-than-life proportions, we crafted compelling taglines that highlight the brand’s promise to give quality products that are healthy and affordable. 

Creatives that enhanced brand reputation by using an everyday expression

With a  campaign that gave the message of “No tension”, we effectively communicated Vasant’s commitment to delivering top-notch spices. The campaign increased brand trust and Vasant became synonymous with best price, best quality and best taste.



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