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A Revamp That Caught Eyes

When it comes to hospitals, advertising can more or less become or seem monotonous, because there’s only so much you can do. Well, we did much more than that. We didn’t treat the project with a sad or melodramatic approach, but rather a sensitive one. We built Wings IVF Hospital as one of the strongest hospitals in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

For Wings, we came up with a communication that resonated very well with the target audience – “When you’re at Wings, you’re in safe hands.” An overall outdoor campaign that included print ads, outdoor ads, radio ads, and direct mailers.

Inspired by the colour palette of black and white, we subtly created a balance in creatives by addition of blue – this unique look and language of the campaign gathered a lot of positive response by potential patients as well as the medical fraternity. We also designed other brand promotion materials for medical camps, conferences as branding within the hospital.

Branding that led to three more opening across two states

With creatives and communication that touched hearts, Wings IVF Hospital’s brand awareness peaked. Post their re-branding, they opened three more branches in Rajkot, Surat, and Udaipur. With the communication focusing on the USPs of the hospital, and the design complementing it, we were able to create a memorable experience that lasted.



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