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Packaging As Irresistible As The Product Inside


Zoopy, a brand known for its noodles and soups, decided to enter the chocolate category. As their trusted advertising partner, we were tasked with creating a packaging design that would catch the eyes. The problem? Creating a design that would maintain the brand communication we developed for the brand’s other offerings while making it obvious that the brand was coming from the house of Zoopy. Here’s how we observed.
  • Chocolates are prominently seen in the colour palettes of blue and purple.
  • Zoopy is a brand that takes pride in vibrant, to-the-face colours and is largely associated with the colour red.
  • Their products are driven by high-quality and signify indulgence.
On the basis of this understanding, our team brainstormed to create a concept that would encompass Zoopy’s brand identity with chocolate. The red and blue colour palette successfully gave them the edge they were looking for – a seamless transition. The colour blue highlighted the launch of a new product, while the colour red reminded the consumers of their trust in Zoopy.

Zoopy successfully entered the market filled with competitors. An achievement that could be attributed to the brand’s impactful packaging design that not only bridged the gap between their existing product line and chocolates but also set out a path for new product launches. This particular project is a testament to the power that packaging design holds, leaving a mark in both the eyes and tastebuds of consumers.

Packaging in red and blue colours that gave us great shelf throw and category connect



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