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Branding Agency v/s Freelancers

Branding Agency v/s Freelancers: Top 5 Factors

When you think of design, you think of aesthetics. You think of colours.  You think of something attractive. Usually, when one needs ‘something’ designed, they often look for people or companies to do that. And that’s where a branding and design agency comes into the picture.
What really strikes in the minds of everyone, though, is how a creative and advertising agency in Ahmedabad can help. This is a dilemma that has been stretched for far too long, and for good reason: why choose a branding and design agency when you have freelancers at your beck and call all the time?

What Services Do Branding Agencies Provide?

Branding Services

  • Brand identity
  • Brand vision
  • Packaging design
  • Radio spots/ activations
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Print media



Fret not, because we are here to tell you five reasons of why a opting for a creative agency based out of Ahmedabad is the way to go:

1. A Whole Lot of Experience

While there are many, many freelancers who’d design and create what you’d like them to, an advertising agency on the other hand, ensures that you get what you ‘need’ as per your target group and audience as opposed to what you’d ‘like’.
A creative agency not only comes with years of experience, but also a roster of people who have worked on different brands and catered to different things, all in all, culminating into a huge creative field for you to bounce off your ideas from.2. Consistency Is the Key

2. Consistency Is the Key

Now when it comes to freelancers or outsourcing your work to an individual party, it comes with the risk of inconsistency. Any design, be it as small as a letterhead or as huge as a hoarding, has to always be in line with your brand guidelines and must appeal to your target group and audience. 
This is one of the key aspects when it comes to a creative agency. The designers, writers and account managers at an agency make sure that all the work that is created for your brand, no matter how big or small, is in line with brand guidelines and has consistency across all collaterals.

3. Professionalism

What lacks in freelancers or individual contract holders is the professionalism that ensure smooth trailing of the project. Anything and everything design is a thorough process that needs to be followed step by step. 
Branding and design agencies have this process sorted, ensuring that from the brief dump to the delivery of the project, there is a paper trail that follows through for each communication.

4. An Array of Services

Well, it’s no secret that when you have a branding and design agency on a retainer basis, you can avail a variety of services. With an individual contractor, the scope of work is limited to just that one project. 
In any project, especially design projects, unexpected changes and additions come up which when dealing with freelancers, may seem as a hurdle. 
A creative agency’s scope of work and retainer capacity ensures that any changes or additions simply because of the availability of multiple resources.

5. Reliability

This is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to a branding and design agency. There is credibility and reliability. There is no management from the client’s side. In any emergency, the work is most definitely not affected, which is always a risk when entailing an individual contractor.
With a creative agency on your beck and call, all you have to do is give the brief. It is upon the agency’s lookout now to ensure that the work gets delivered and in a way that best resonates with your target group and audience!

Why Hire a Branding Agency?

If there was one reason to sum up why a branding and design agency, it would most definitely be this: What you hire for, you get. On time.
There are a whole lot of reasons for why an advertising agency based out of Ahmedabad should be a top choice, including flexibility in terms of unexpected changes or additions, proper communication that provides deadlines and regular updates of ongoing work.
All in all, a creative agency with its lot of experience and expertise ensures that you receive work that is consistent and resonates aptly with your target audience and market.

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