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creative product packaging

Dissecting Creative Product Packaging

For a whole lot of people, packaging design is not an active thought or something to think over in their minds. Probably not even something they would remember or keep in their memory bank. While packaging design companies and agencies rack their brains over creating groundbreaking designs, consumers are learning how to sleep with their eyes open.
So why are we, as a packaging design agency in Ahmedabad, striving and creating packaging designs? To catch eyes. Give a greater shelf throw. Make an association in the minds of consumers with their brand.

Importance of Packaging Design

Packaging design is the image, the face and the very cover of your product.

1. Brand identity

Packaging design for any product helps in forming the brand identity. Packaging of a product reflects the brand in some manner, through the way of logo, brand architecture, colour and shape. This helps create an association in consumers’ minds and the brand.

2. Product protection

One of the major functions of a packaging design is protection of the product inside. Whether it is packaged food, bath products or quite frankly, any product that requires packaging – it must be protected from spills and must be averse to weather conditions and diverse transportation methods.

3. Shelf throw

Any product has numerous competition in the market, and these days, there’s uncountable alike products and alike packaging as well. What matters is how big of a shelf throw your particular product can provide. A packaging design agency in Ahmedabad can help you get a greater shelf throw. At HCF, we excel in creating packaging designs that disrupt the market, like our packaging design for Umiya Tea.

4. Drives sales

Packaging design is not just for the appeal or the association, it is about communicating the exact information about the product – about highlighting the unique selling proposition (USP) of the product, like the way we did for Zoopy Chocolate.In case you are looking for a new look or a refresh of your product packaging, know these 6 Questions to ask before starting packaging design.

Factors that Affect Packaging Design

1. Product

Goes without saying but product plays the most important role when it comes to packaging design. For example, as a packaging design agency in Ahmedabad, we catered Kalpana’s incense sticks with a stand-up pouch, the first standing packaging for incense sticks. It is pertinent to understand the product and accordingly, think of the shape of the packaging design.

2. Product differentiator

Knowing the unique selling proposition (USP) holds great significance. What exactly sets your product apart from the market is important and it is also added to the packaging design in some manner.

3. Brand colour

While one of the functions of a packaging design is aesthetics, it is also important to note that the design must represent the brand. One of the best ways to represent a brand is through brand colour. Like the way we did for Fortune by maintaining the product window and brand logo to retain the overall brand architecture.

4. Product portfolio

Imagine this: you are getting into a painting competition but you have no idea who you are up against. That is why looking at your product portfolio matters. You must know what you are up against when designing a creative product packaging.

Retaining Brand Architecture in Packaging Design

Packaging design for any product must be creative and tell a story on its own. It should be able to stand on its own as a product on the shelf while maintaining resemblance and belongingness to the brand. Brand architecture is like a blueprint in packaging design. It is the usage of consistent elements like logo, colours, category name, category differentiator that allows for sub-brands to be created. Brand architecture creates a harmony between the brand recognition, design and brand identity.

Final Thoughts

As a branding and advertising agency in Ahmedabad, we provide packaging design services that are strong enough to create narratives that evoke emotions. Whether you look at our approach in Saurashtra’s best-selling tea, Umiya Tea, or our refreshing look towards Real Bites packaging, it is pertinent to note that each creative product packaging must resemble brand architecture.

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