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Importance of Music in Advertising

Music. 🎵 

A feeling. A vibe. (Probably all the words in the dictionary that appeal to the auditory senses.) It’s no secret that music and advertising or marketing go hand-in-hand. Appealing to the ears has been around for ages, be it through background music in commercials or jingles or categorising brand communication. For example, think of washing detergent ‘Nirma’ and you’ll immediately go – Washing powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma, doodh si safedi… and pops into the minds of many (read all) the little girl in the white dress.

What do we call this type of approach to marketing or advertising? Sonic Branding. Put simply, it’s a means of creating audio assets by brands which are unique and declutter the market to create brand recognition, on both fronts – offline and online. 

Visual Branding v/s Sonic Branding

Visual branding is all that you see, it evokes the eyes. On the other hand, sonic branding appeals to the ears. What is crucial in sonic branding though, is that it must evoke emotions.
Let’s look now at the power music holds over your brand and its presence by taking a stroll down memory lane:

Cadbury’s Kuch Swad Hai

Nothing is as iconic as winning the moment, and all the more exciting when it’s cricket. The brand did this a decade ago and revamped it recently to showcase inclusivity. Take a look right here!

Royal Enfield’s Bullet Meri Jaan

The cult-favourite two-wheeler, and for good reason. The brand pulls at the heartstrings of its audience by evoking what the product stands for: not just a means of transportation, but quite literally, jaan. With the more-than-cathartic retouch of the idea, take a look at #BulletMeriJaan in the voice of Divine.

Titan’s The Joy Of Gifting

Who hasn’t seen the The Joy Of Gifting ad series that brings about a tear or two? Bringing together the happiness of gifting ‘time’ with music is a sure-shot way of winning hearts.

Kingfisher’s Ohh La La Le O

Cricketers and Kingfisher. That’s a match! Reusing the iconic sonic branding from over a decade back with fresh faces is surely a way to remember.

What’s the catch?

The future is sound.

With the attention span of humans being lesser than that of a goldfish, appealing to the ears is the easiest way in. Creating a branding that becomes synonymous with a musical chord is not an easy task. We, as a advertising and branding agency that’s been around for some time now, have established a few sonic assets for brands. Take a look!

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