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how to find right advertising agency in Ahmedabad

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

All that you see and all that you make your brand to be comes to a standstill to just one element: perspective. What are you showing your consumers? What do you want your consumers to be thinking? Do you want your consumers to buy from you? Would you like your consumers to compare your brand/ offering with the competition?
All of these questions come back to advertising and all the aspects of an advertising agency in Ahmedabad. It encompasses everything – from brand strategy, positioning to packaging design, digital marketing and social media marketing. It is not an easy task to find an advertising and marketing agency in Ahmedabad that can do it all in a manner that you’d like. Options are many, and we’re here to make it easier for you. Let us first understand the nuances of the city you are looking for an agency in.

Urbanisation of Ahmedabad Market

Situated in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has been named World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017. The city has its deep roots in traditions and Indian culture. After all, it is the land with an association with Mahatma Gandhi and the famous ‘pols’ depicting Islamic architecture. 
As traditional as this city is, it is equally emerging as one of the metropolitan areas and is rapidly growing with an atmosphere where brands and businesses can thrive. It is not only important to look for an advertising agency but rather a strategy agency in Ahmedabad
Since the options for an advertising and strategy agency in Ahmedabad are many, you must look at multiple aspects before choosing the right one.

Factors to Consider for Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

It is not easy to decide from the many branding and advertising agencies in the city of Ahmedabad. Here’s how you can make your decision easier:

1. Experience & Expertise

When the options are too many, you should always look at the agency’s expertise and experience. New players, while fresh, tend to quiver in the face of numerous deliverables. When it comes to seasoned players, like HCF who’s been around for 18+ years now, they can cater to multiple requirements in a short span of time. 
Another important thing to factor in is the expertise, in what industry does the advertising agency have their toes dipped perfectly and in which arenas is it still testing waters. For example, HCF holds a very strong client roster for FMCG brands.

2. Resources

You must look at the team size and resources that the agency has. Whether it can handle the quantum of work that you’re looking for. You must vet the team and the agency’s resources and whether or not they will be able to fulfil your requirements.

3. Communication & Collaboration

Your association with an agency will only be fruitful and successful if you both align on your communication levels and collaboration. While a brand or business is expected to have an open mind, an agency should factor in your requirements and ideas in order to craft a strategy that works best with your target audience.

4. Get Quotes

Every brand or business has a budget to work upon. You must get in touch with agencies that suit your requirements, share your quantum of work and accordingly get quotes. Whichever advertising agency in Ahmedabad you choose, it should match your expectations, both figuratively and monetarily.

5. Evaluate Portfolios

One of the better parts about advertising and marketing is visible work and results. Whatever work an advertising or marketing agency does can be showcased. Check out their portfolios, case studies and analyse their working patterns and thought processes and determine whether you’d like them working on your brand. Only when you appreciate and like what the agency has done for other brands, will you like what they do for you!

Meeting with Strategy Agencies in Ahmedabad

You must list down agencies in Ahmedabad after doing a thorough background check on them. It works best if you could get some words-of-mouth to support their work. When you do decide to meet these potential advertising agencies, here are some useful questions for you to ask:

  • How do you carry out market research and identify the target audience?
  • What is your thought process when approaching a brand strategy and positioning?
  • How do you keep results and track KPIs?


Finding an advertising agency in Ahmedabad is not an easy task, you must find one that strikes a balance between the rich traditional values and urbanisation in a way that suits your brand. For identifying the right brand strategy agency, consider their experience, expertise, look at their resources, carefully evaluate their portfolios and zero in on their communication skills. This will ensure a cohesive and coherent decision to find the best advertising agency in Ahmedabad.

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