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What Goes Into Naming A Brand

When Shakespeare said “What’s in a name”, he clearly didn’t live in a world full of materialism and capitalism. Well, we’re here to tell you – everything is in the name. Your brand name should have a recall value, easy pronunciation, and be catchy. These are the basics of a brand name. Why is it important? To put it in simple words, it is what leaves an impression on the consumers’ minds. For example: Everyone calls the 2-minute noodles by Nestle ‘Maggi’. Maggi is actually the brand name and not the product itself. That’s what’s in the name. We’re going to tell you some things that go into creating a brand name:

1. Brainstorm Like There’s No Tomorrow

Picture this: a room full of creative minds, lots of chai, and a whiteboard constantly being filled with ideas. It starts with the brand’s target audience, followed by a deep dive into market research of your category. There’s adjectives of adjectives, a thesaurus curated specially for your brand. This is just the start.

2. Keep It Snappy

Brand names need to be catchy, and snappy – ideally, it should stick to people’s tongues like gum sticks to your shoe. But keeping the name short is not the end goal – while it is a priority, what’s more important is how the name reflects your brand’s vision and mission. Like the way we did with Kivo – a brand that’s major offering is their tomato mix.

3. Future-Proof

This step is missed by most. If there’s a name you’re really fond of and have finally come across ‘the one’, you need to do a compatibility test. Will this name be relevant for years to come? Don’t tend to go into what’s trending when it comes to brand names, trends come with an expiration date – and your brand mustn’t have that. Similar to the way we did for Bharat Horns – a dairy brand that we revamped to showcase resilience and strength milk represents.

4. Legal Check

It’s important to check that the name you like isn’t already taken by someone else. Check for trademarks and domains to make sure that no one else can use your name. Plus, you also need to think of a particular country’s regulations, for example, in Pakistan, you can’t claim ‘healthy’ on any food products unless you can prove it.


Today, a brand name is everything. It’s an asset – a means to create household memories. And coming up with a brand name is not an easy feat – it requires effort and tons of years of practice, and an ad agency is how you get there. Each step matters, be it brainstorming ideas, or checking out the legal work – the process has to be foolproof. Your name is your story, and you need just that.

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