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What Is CGI Advertising?

Everywhere you look, there’s CGI. That is, in the world of social media, of course. What’s CGI, you ask? Computer-generated imagery. Now, what does it mean in the world of advertising? A lot. Many brands are taking their marketing and advertising collaterals to an entirely different level with the use of CGI. But a question that’s popped into many minds, including ours, at one point: what kind of impact does this type of OOH advertising have? A fusion of art and science, CGI advertising breathes life into extraordinary concepts with visual appeal, ultimately showcasing larger-than-life situations in the mundane. Let’s look at some brands who’ve effectively used CGI campaigns:

1. Maybelline – Spread across London double-deckers and subways lies the Maybelline mascara that’s stormed the market. By emphasizing the functionality of the mascara, this campaign did wonders for the product launch.

2. Ajio – With a big sneaker roaming around the streets to announce AJIO’s All Stars Sale caught many eyes on social media.

3. Barbie x Burj Khalifa – Everybody remembers the larger-than-life Barbie coming out of the box next to Burj Khalifa. An iconic anticipation campaign.

4. VIP – The suitcase legend left no table unturned to showcase its USP – how light their products really are.

Benefits of using CGI Ads

1. Intricate details – CGI allows a canvas of your choice with exceptional photorealistic details, which ultimately enable the brand to showcase its product as a hero and, of course, appeal to its audiences.

2. Cost efficiency – For starters, CGI is a tad bit heavy on the wallet but ultimately is an investment worth the ROI. It is impactful and used to leave an impression, and that’s how it becomes cost-efficient in the long term.

3. Sustainability – One of the more crucial points is that CGI’s flexibility allows it to be an eco-friendly advertising method. The carbon footprint is significantly reduced as all the needs of travel, equipment transportation, and operational matters are eliminated.

It’s A Wrap

Be assured that CGI has been known to take over the market with finesse. Be it launching a new product or simply creating brand awareness, it does catch eyes; whether those eyes result in a successful ROI is something that’s yet to be analysed. Using CGI for campaigns is a sure-shot way of gaining attention, if that’s what you want, a relatively creative display of your brand, and we say – let’s do it.

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