Integrated Marketing Strategy

Hold the power of making your brand heard across multiple channels with HCF integrated marketing communications!

For creating cohesive marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences, we use a data-driven approach to leverage a range of channels including digital and print to develop campaigns tailored to each platform. We expertise in campaign development, execution and optimisation, as well as measurement and reporting. HCF stands for a comprehensive approach for advertising and integrated marketing communication.

"Bringing It All Together: The Value of Integrated Marketing Communication"

Integrated marketing communication leverages traditional and digital media as touchpoints for customers. Offline touchpoints include newspapers, magazines, hoardings, TVC, and events, while online touchpoints consist of websites, social media, email and content marketing. To maximize impact, it’s ideal to target all channels, but budget constraints require identifying high-impact touchpoints that complement each other at optimal costs. To avoid fragmented messaging across channels, use the brand strategy architecture to zero in on what to communicate to the target audience.

How integrated marketing works?

An integrated marketing campaign ensures that your brand messaging reaches your target audience through various touchpoints, both offline and online. From print ads to hoardings, radio jingles to TVCs, and digital ads to social media posts, your audience will be exposed to your brand consistently throughout the day. This multi-channel approach reinforces brand recall and solidifies their memory of your brand. The result? A powerful impact on your target audience.

One Message, Many Channels: Crafting an Effective Integrated Marketing Plan at HCF

We cultivate a culture of strategic thinking, even for the smallest creative project. We consistently explore ways to seamlessly extend our creative communication to other channels and develop ideas for other campaigns. This approach has resulted in our highly successful multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns for leading brands like Alife, Kalpana Agarbatti, Vasant Masala, and Cravon.

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